Saturday, September 20, 2008

quick disclaimer

I have to appologize for how long and infrequent my blogs have been. I haven't had internet at my flat since I got here and am waiting for my landlords to return from a month long trip so we can get some info from them and set up our internet. Until then I can only check my e-mail at school (sites like the blog and facebook are blocked) and have to pay at a coffee shop to get access to everything. I've been pretty busy lately so haven't been able to get to coffee shops that often. so hopefully you still read even though they're long! we're hoping to set up the internet some time next week. also, i haven't been able to upload any photos, which i really want to do, but haven't been able to. i think the internet here is just too slow and am hoping I will be able to do it once i get internet.

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