Saturday, September 27, 2008

Nile Mornings

My new flat is about a 10 minute walk from the Nile, so Lori and I have started 5am morning Nile runs a couple times a week. Every day is a little different, but they all contain the following landmarks
Wild pack of dogs (which we have learned to scare off by yelling, clapping, waving our arms and sprinting at them stomping our feet)
A mosque that we run past in our shorts and T-shirts, feeling a little Haram
TGI Fridays on the Nile
More dogs
The Japanese Embassy – complete with a brand new Starbucks
Anywhere between 1-4 men dressed in white sailor uniforms and hats that like to yell “HELLO!” at us and wave in our faces as we run by (keep in mind, it’s 5am)
A heavily guarded helicopter landing pad with sleeping guards
This really cool old burned out Nile cruise boat – it will make the greatest picture when I remember to bring my camera along on a run – with the morning fog… someday
The Ramadan tree (a tree wrapped in Ramadan fabric) and Ramadan tent across from the mosque to serve poor people Iftar
Bright green trees that are starting to turn bright yellow as the seasons are slowly and changing.
And of course, THE NILE!!!
It may not be the beach, but it’s pretty sweet to be able to take a nice morning jog along the Nile to start the day.

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